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tv   [untitled]    May 16, 2012 7:30pm-8:00pm PDT

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there is a window scheduled air. this is a fixed window. this is a fire proof window. there is more than one of them on the floor. there is one in the bathroom. you can see that the windows are fireproof and they were in the allies. -- they were finalized. they were reassessed in 1991 for their new home, which they have been paying property taxes on since that time. they also paid the unified school district their fee of more than $2,500.
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there was a lot of talk about equity, this is a time to let the lees that their final inspection. stop the nonsense. a two month delay to say we wanted an inspection. it is not right. >> mr. duffy? >> commissioners, we do quite a few of these permits. a lot of people do not realize that they thought they got the sign off and then years later it shows up in complete for whatever reason. the work has been finished. the last thing they needed was the final inspection. somebody went on vacation or we had an earthquake. there was some reason why this
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did not get signed off. sometimes the inspector does not turn in their job card. in this case, we do not have the customer's job card so we're showing it as incomplete. the course of action is to come down and renew the permit for final inspection. in this case, that is what happened. i did a site visit on monday. all of the work is finished. i also spoke to the other attorney and i explained the process that a building inspector will walk through the building with the approved plan and make sure everything was done according to those plans. we would also ask them to get electrical inspection, sign off, and i believe the fire department will sign off for the addition before they get a final inspection. if electrical was signed off, it
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will be a matter of going to that division and having them note that. it could be there were four inspectors on this building. i am available for any questions if anyone is confused about the process. this is typical. a lot of people that these labs and then we are given a job to try to get them out. >> two questions, cincotta mentions seismic and electric co, is this a cfc? >> on the final, on this new job card, we will ask that electrical sign off on it, plumbing, and fire. >> as a function of a new
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inspection or of re-examining? >> if electrical, plumbing, or fire has it that they already signed this off, they will duplicate their signature on to the new job card because they have already given a final inspection. i think mr. williams did note that the plumbing permit had been signed off. i do not have any evidence. i want that as well. there is a possibility that plumbing would do a walk through. but if they signed it off years ago, they would not have to. >> this result from it is for an addition. would it be required that any changes in the accord -- code would have to adhere to current codes or the codes back and? >> the project was completed at that time it was permitted. that code is in effect for the
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work. >> no code changes will affect this cfc? >> no. the height of the rails has changed. when we get into these permits, it got built at that time. if this had not been finished, if there was still work to be done, i might say to them your reels should be at 40 two inches. -- rails should be at 42 inches. that is about the only change that we would have to upgrade. if they want to raise it, that is fine. we are not going to go to the 2010 code and say bring everything up to the 2010 code because the job was done at that
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time. am i clear? >> yes. >> is there any public comment on this item? >> i forgot one more thing. there is also a special inspections which is a third party from the engineer testing labs. we need all of those reports as well. that is another layer of inspections that they may or may not have the documentation for. >> back to public comment. you are not an owner of this property? ok. we will move into a bottle. you have three minutes.
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-- rebuttal. you have three minutes. >> i live at 1864 greene street. i live with my niece at, my sisters, my husband and children. this issue is about safety. one of my most important jobs is to ensure the safety of my family. you can imagine when i found out that my neighbor's building was not finally signed off on an potentially not up to code, we are in earthquake territory and i want to make sure my building is safe. if i look at their building and see the window and i see the ratings -- railings, it gives me concern that they possibly did not follow other codes.
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of i look at the building on the other side of us, there is paint peeling and the condition it is it gives me concern that the building we are speaking of is not complying with the safety code. again, i would highlight the final permit was not filed or signed off on. we ask of the property is formally inspected. we are asking they follow the rules like everyone is supposed to follow the rules and comply with the codes. thank you for allowing me to speak. >> have you resided there for the past 23 years? or however long it was?
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did i get to your -- >> i have only been there three years. >> but you have been an owner, it has been in your family. >> for that long. five years. we moved out during construction. >> just five years. >> my question had to do with -- this is a rodney king questioned curious how much outreach did you do to your neighbors? how many conversations did you have about your concerns. concerns about the process, the safety issues, have them understand what your concerns were and have them show you the house. >> there is a lot of noise
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around this and we are not neighbors that speak with each other. that would not have been an option. >> i want to point out the same issues that mr. lee's attorney listed, he says all of them have been satisfied. one and six were satisfied. the entry listed on the correction notice, that means they corrected everything. i look at it as not being finished. that is the way i interpret it. i did not ignore them. with regard to the window i was pointing out, the provisions of
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the code at that time required a statement by this owner that there was an agreement to close the window. that documentation was never there. there are items that show it was not finally expected. what i am asking for, only if there is work that has not been completed. if not, and we discover that, then it should be brought up to code. that is the way it was explained to me by mr. duffy earlier this week. it will be reviewed against the 1988 plans but if their work that is not been finished properly, if i'm wrong about that -- >> more confusion. some of the issues you are talking about half to do with the vertical edition -- addition
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only. >> if you take a look at the plans, they do require seismic work all the way up. there was work on all of the walls going up. there was work throughout the building that was done. there was considerable walls that were open. and the sprinkler system throughout the building, it has been signed off as complete. we have scratched sprinklers but they're also fireplaces. >> the electrical you are referring to has to do with this addition.and the mechanical, the thing. seismic, that i understand.
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>> mr. williams? >> thank you. there is no safety violations on this property. no housing violations. none of that is present on this building. inspector was just there. if you are concerned about safety, why stop the process to a half months ago when we went to get inspected? you heard inspector duffy is say they did the only thing they could do when they found out that their permanent, one out of six, had not been finalized. they filed to get it finalized. what else could they have done? this appeal was filed for other reasons, it is clear. i do not clear -- care how mr. cincotta reads it, if you look
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at the permit with the exception on b, they all say final, were completed. that is exhibit h, works completed. -- work completed. m. final. n, final. o, final. p, final/. . five of the six were finalized. those are filled out by the building inspectors when they come to the side. to say that only one was filed, it does not make any sense, much like this appeal. you are asking for one thing and you base it on this calamity that is about to happen.
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the appeal says no one is safe, which is just not so. the building was upgraded on every floor. it has seismic upgrades. it had a separate engineer for that purpose. this is a top-notch job and it still shows. the inspector came out on monday and said this looks great. it does. if you look at the plans, they have the fixed window. the sprinkler system on every floor. you cannot get much safer than this building. if you were concerned about this issue is, you would not have filed the appeal. you would have led to the inspections go forward to confirm that this building was completed properly under approved plans. police denied the appeal.
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-- please deny the appeal. >> commissioners, the matter is yours. >> i think we should allow the process to go forward. allow the building department to do their job. >> i would concur with that. i heard mr. duffy state he is going to do his job and i hope that would conclude this process. >> this portion of the process. if there is no further comment, i am going to move to deny the appeal and upheld the permit.
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>> all necessary inspections will be done under this permit? >> that they will do their job. >> did you say for a change? >> no, i did not. [laughter] >> we have a motion from commissioner fung to to uphold this permit on the basis that the dbi shall do their job. i like that basis. on that motion president garcia: aye. cincotvice president hwang: aye. commissioner hillis: aye. commissioner hurtado: aye. 5-0. this permit is up held on that basis. >> there is no further business this evening.
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>> i want to thank everyone for coming. i am the general manager of the
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recreation department. it is a pleasure to serve as the emcee today and i want to recognize our commission president. joining us all with our other dignitaries. there are a lot of special people gathered around. for those of you who do not know, a little bit of background about this beautiful garden before i turn it over to our mayor. the garden is the oldest japanese american garden in the united states. it is a historical japanese- style garden, originally billed as a village for the 1894 midwinter international exposition. after the exposition, a japanese-american partner along with john mclaren converted the exhibition into a permanent park. he over saw the building as the
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teagarden and was the official caretaker from -- until 1925. he requested the people of japan 1000 flooring cherry trees to be imported and other plants and birds and goldfish. his family lived in the garden until 1942. when under executive order 906, he was forced to relocate to an internment camp with thousands of other japanese american families. this barden was renamed the oriental tea garden and it fell into a state of disrepair. in the 1950's, we had moved forward and the rec and park renamed it the japanese tea garden. the first concessionaire was
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jack -- who many here had the incredible opportunity to honor. and we're very incredibly pleased to be planning -- planting a cherry tree from the consul general. the cherry blossom tree planting has become a tradition that allows us to reflect on the legacy of exchanges and importance of relations between the united states and japan. this is where families, a century old pract oice of picnicking underneath a tree. we hope many families for more generations will have the opportunity here in this beautiful garden. my great pleasure to turner with a microphone to our 43rd mayor
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of san francisco, celebrating diversity and cultural harmony and he has been focused on the economic revitalization of our community. jobs, jobs, jobs. this mayor does not brag about it but he is about parks, parks, parks. it gives me great pleasure to introduce mayor ed lee. [applause] >> thank you. if i may think you and your leadership and the commission. this is a very special place. history but it is cultural and one of the most beautiful places you can ever be proud to visit and also be the honor of. i am proud at our rec and park staff and the public-prey relationships because that is the only way to keep these beautiful institutions going. we have to have that imagination
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to get people involved to fund and support it. you have some of the most beautiful things you can see and touch and feel. i am happy to be here and i also want to celebrate because this is a moment, the first time we have been together here as well. at the garden. -- t garden -- tea garden. i want to welcome you here as well. and congratulate all of us for working so closely together and certainly our relationships are valuable. this is one of those reasons why not too many other consular general offices -- it is country to country and people to people.
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the council general and staff has offered yet another the supporting symbol of the relationship, the planting of cherry blossom trees throughout our city. we had awe have been celebratine cherry blossom festival. they are very peaceful, a relationship that we keep in mind always and we have done so for over 100 years. since the cherry blossoms are arrived as a gift to washington d.c. while we have gone for many years of that relationship, it is a requirement to know the san francisco enjoys 55 years of
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that relationship, many members of the district-city community here today to enjoy that. a member of the chamber of commerce is here to enjoy that as well. we have this relationship with you because we know san francisco's international status does not stop simply at having the offices here. we are out there working on everything from cultural exchanges, student exchanges, constant communication. more and more, examining opportunities to keep livelihood. both of our countries the more trade and communication to face the challenges that are facing us. it is my great pleasure to be here with you, counsel general,
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in the very beautiful garden we have here. also to know that it is in good hands with rec and park. at the same time, continue to bless it with our proclamation, our celebration of the u.s.- japan centennial on this wonderful occasion. if i may, i present to you, counsel general, are proclamation at the u.s.-japan cherry blossom centennial here in san francisco. [applause] >> thank you, mr. mayor. we have a few more introductions to mate. our counsel general has had an experienced international career. i believe bangkok and london and
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seoul. no doubt san francisco is your favorite assignment. [laughter] it is not often the departments get to work so closely with the council general's office. they have done a great job planning this event with you and your staff. they have had a lot of fun doing it. there is a great report between our offices and our staff. it has been delightful. >> thank you. i did not know that you were such a good mp. i am pleased to be here. at the tea garden. i want to thank mayor lee. as always, for your support.
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also, creating a park. we are here for the planting. cherry trees are near and dear to the hearts of japanese people. japanese people curate cherry blossoms each year. there are festivals to stick together with family and friends. i am sure most of you have enjoyed the cherry blossom -- the cherry blossom festival the past weekends.